Dear clients,

Spain is in a nationwide lockdown decreed by the Spanish authorities due to the global health crisis so our school has remained closed to the public since March 16th, but the way in which the situation is evolving and taking into account what experts in the matter are saying, we are fully confident that we will be able to open our doors again in the very near future and cotinue offering our Spanish courses with complete normality.

For those looking forward to come to Spain to learn Spanish as soon as this time of crisis is over, but having issues with booking an on-site course with us, we are fully aware of the uncertainty that this unprecedented situation can cause. That’s why we have made some notable changes in our booking process, providing greater peace of mind and guarantees when booking a seat in our Spanish courses: 

  1. If a student is unable to travel due to an international ban, a full refund will be made.
  2. Students can decide not to travel to Spain for their Spanish course until 3 weeks before the beginning of their booking, even if there is no ban and AIP Language Institute is fully operational. In such a case, we offer the following:
        1. Postponing the start of the course while maintaining the same services and price.
        2. Using the paid deposit to take one of our online Spanish courses.


Apart from the above stated, we have a very special promo for those booking an on-site Spanish course or joining an online Spanish course before June 26th:

30% off on all our courses, on-site and online. 

You can find all the information you need about our brand new online Spanish courses by visiting our page or by contacting our Online Department Manager ( or reaching out our Customer Service (+34 963 391 566;

We hope that, with the package of extraordinary measures implemented
by the Spanish government, we will see clear improvements in this critical situation
in the shortest possible time

It is time for us to behave as a strong and united society to combat
the health problem we are immersed in and from which, without a doubt,
we will emerge strengthened and with a greater awareness of the spirit of globality,
so necessary these days.



30% OFF




* 30% off for enrolments in courses starting before June 26th. For later starts, 10% off.

Prijzen Spaans cursussen

INTENSIEVE CURSUSSENBasiscursus Spaans (20 lessen/week)Basiscursus Spaans +, ZAKELIJK SPAANS & basiscursus DELE (25 lessen/week)Zakelijk Spaans + & basiscursus DELE + (30 lessons/week)
1 week€ 222€ 267€ 306
2 weken€ 383€ 450€ 522
3 weken€ 576€ 676€ 783
4 weken€ 767€ 900€ 1,044
5 weken€ 958€ 1,124€ 1,306
6 weken€ 1,080€ 1,267€ 1,567
7 weken€ 1,260€ 1,478€ 1,828
8 weken€ 1,440€ 1,689€ 1,947
9 weken€ 1,520€ 1,750€ 2,000
Extra week€ 158/week€ 194/week€ 222/week

The price includes

  • Level test (oral & written).
  • Course book (only for students attending lessons for only one or two weeks). Students who attend lessons for more than two weeks must buy the book.
  • Certificates of completion.
  • Free WIFI.
  • Free access to the Learning Centre.
  • Free afternoon cultural activities. At least, 2 -3 times per week.
  • Free coaching lessons (Availability to be checked at front desk)

ONE-TO-ONE Course*

 Prijs voor 1 persoon
1 Les€ 45
10 Lessen€ 375
20 Lessen€ 650
 Prijs voor 2 personen
1 Les€ 55
10 Lessen€ 445
20 Lessen€ 750
Prijs voor 1 persoon
1 Les€ 35
10 Lessen€ 300
20 Lessen€ 550
Prijs voor 2 personen
1 Les€ 50
10 Lessen€ 420
20 Lessen€ 800

Academisch semester & jaarcursus Spaans (ASP/AYP)*

 BASISCURSUS (20 lessen/week)BASISCURSUS PLUS (25 lessen/week)
SUPER SAVER (12 WEEKS)€ 1,704€ 2,100
SUPER SAVER (24 WEEKS)€ 3,408€ 4,200
SUPER SAVER (36 WEEKS)€ 5,117€ 6,300
SUPER SAVER (48 WEEKS)€ 6,822€ 8,400

*IMPORTANT: Discount already included. 

Extra diensten

  • Pick-up services from airport, bus or train station: € 55
  • Optional weekend trips around Spain. Check our Facebook page for more information.
  • Optionele ziektekostenverzekering: 2 weken: € 30; extra week € 7; meer dan 8 weken € 6 per week.

Speciale kortingen

  • Extra 10% korting voor oud-studenten
  • Extra 10% korting wanneer 3 studenten zich samen inschrijven
  • Extra 110% korting wanneer 5 studenten zich samen inschrijven


en krijgen korting & gratis inschrijvingsgeld


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